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I got a better job and was born strong and healthy.
I have also made peace , my life is moving in a positive direction”

My apologies for taking time to come back to  you about what has been happening, even though we haven’t met face to face but after my consulting with you new that my cv’s would be skip or not considered, after we spoke God & Amathongo wasekhaya sent help from.

In one month got 3 different Job offers, even today I still stand Amazed.”

Thank you so much I pray that God will continue to grant you Power Strength, WIsdom, Knowledge & Understanding”

Khosi Mosima - Gogo Bae Womthetho

Choosing a Medium / Sangoma you share energy which requires openness and trust. Khosi Mosima’s approach to her  consultations is a fusion of compassion, love,  and humor. She is able to advise on all aspects of life, from well-being, career, relationships to business moves. Having  experienced loss of loved ones herself gives her the empathy to provide uplifting, clear and healing messages to her clients. Her  spiritual gifts paired with her vibrant personality has made her nothing short of interesting. 

Khosi Mosima's Story

Khosi Mosima -uGogo bae womthetho as she is affectionately known. A born leader and daughter of the soil called for the purpose of serving and healing, Khosi Mosima is a qualified lawyer in the corporate space, intercessor, medium and sangoma / ngaka ya badimo.

It was evident in her illness as a child that she was born with gifts, although hard to believe for many. She grew up with a unique ability to hear those that have departed, receive divine messages and have spiritual dreams and visions. Despite the fact that she did not understand it, Khosi Mosima blossomed into a young lady who would share some spiritual answers with friends and her siblings. She spent some of her years in university having spiritual encounters with people and praying for them. This unique ability and gifts matured when she heeded her calling.

Young at heart and in touch with modern day life yet proudly living and guided by her ancestors and African heritage. Stemming from Christianity. Rooted in spirituality, tradition and humanity.

A story of triumph and pride, overcoming fear and stereotypes.​

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